Past Planning Efforts

What did we discover in the research of past plans, data and visions?

  • Tomorrow’s Skyway-Westhill will be shaped by growth and diversity.
  • A competitive and innovative economy will drive success.
  • One size does not fit all.
  • High-quality basic services are fundamental.
  • Resilience is important in a changing world.

Skyway Park Community Vision – 2009 (pdf)


  • Provide a safe environment for programs, recreation and exercise.
  • Demonstrate sound environmental practices, such as wetland and forest restoration.
  • Be sensitive to concerns about gentrification and equitably serve a culturally and economically diverse community.
  • Leverage the park’s central location to improve neighborhood walkability and connectivity.

Guiding Principles:

  • Integrate art
  • Practice environmental sustainability
  • Emphasize safety
  • Be inclusive of all generations and cultures
  • Create connectivity: to businesses, other parks and organizations
  • Collaborate and foster partnerships
  • Accommodate co-existing uses

Skyway Solutions: A community agenda for revitalization – 2009 (pdf)

VISION: In the future, Skyway will be a community:

  • Rich in pride and with strong ethics of participation
  • Where all people feel safe
  • With a positive identity, filled with distinction and local character
  • With a vibrant business district with strong local representation
  • Known for its commitment to young people and creativity
  • Where all people have access to safe parks, walking trails and connections to healthy foods.


  • Skyway will encourage citizen groups and individuals to collaborate in their work to change our community for the better. We will promote initiative, promote ownership and empower the next generation of community stewards.
  • Skyway will be a community where people feel safe. We will build on the momentum of the Public

Safety Initiative to focus on connection, visibility and preparedness.

  • Develop a community filled with creativity, art and character
  • Stimulate a vibrant business district
  • Foster youth development and engage young people in community life
  • Strengthen recreational opportunities and improve health for all

Winter Retreat & Community Engagement – 2012 (pdf)


  • Eliminating neighborhood based disparities
  • Access to equal opportunities (equity)
  • Access to determinants of equity regardless of race, ethnicity or income
  • Cultural Competence: The will &ability to form authentic connections across difference.
  • Action: An Integrated approach


  1. Community Wealth & Empowerment – Create and Grow an Economy
    • Create Jobs
    • Access to jobs
    • Local Hiring
    • Job Skills Training
    • Residential Ownership
    • Co-Ops
  2. Community Health & Safety – Primary Objective – Mobile Community Center
    • Co-Op education
    • Project LEAD
    • Safety & Justice Forums
    • Farmers Market
    • Parenting classes
    • Community Clinic
    • Health Education
    • Youth Sports & Recreation
    • Adopt a neighbor
  3. Strengthen Youth, Families and Community through Education
    • Early Learning
    • Parent Engagement
    • Youth Empowerment
    • Access to resources
    • A hub or center to house education afterschool or weekends

Skyway Community Center Design Workshop (2013)

Following from the vision and goal 5 above, Skyway Solutions convened community members to discuss needs and desires for the potential development of a community center. The group discussed the needs for potential programs and services.

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