Open Houses

Each month through May, we'll be meeting to discuss and prioritize a different set of projects and proposals for Skyway West Hill.

The bigger and broader the participation in these meetings, the better we can represent our diverse community in King County's Comprehensive Plan. We understand, however, that many won't be able to attend in person.

If you won't be able to attend — or even if you can — take a moment to look at the summaries below. Click on the links (those that are grayed out aren't quite available yet) and you can read about all of the projects and proposals that will be discussed at each meeting — and even vote for your favorite ideas!

Healthy Connected Neighborhoods

Citizens will have a chance to contribute their own ideas on how Skyway/West Hill moves and interacts, as well as to weigh in on projects from bike trails to farmers markets, arts events to community policing.

The priorities for this month's open house:

  • Connecting People to Places
  • Local Ownership, Participation, and Pride in the Community
  • Community Services and Resources
  • Public Safety

Smart, Sustainable Growth

Tackle revitalizing, redeveloping and improving the commercial shops, restaurants and services. This will include identifying:

  • ways to provide land supply and development to meet job needs for residents
  • ways to improve the cost of redevelopment
  • policy changes that will help revitalize our community and create reliable infrastructure and better links to public transportation

Thriving Educated Youth and Community

This is a youth-led open house focused on identifying ways to stabilize resources for education and increase access to resources to help the community thrive.

We will identify and prioritize the types of programs, activities, and culture, art and recreation needed in our neighborhoods.

Economic Prosperity and Affordability

We will be discussing ways to increase and support locally owned and operated businesses. We are focusing Skyway West Hill's limited business development resources on enhancing the built environment for residents and businesses. We will identify initiatives that will target industry sectors that can provide professional and business services.

Culture, Arts, and Innovation

We are discussing ways to honor and preserve our culturally and economic diverse community. We will identify opportunities to invest and support Skyway West Hill's creative talent, arts and culture community and how this can help grow our economy.