Skyway West Hill Mural Design Contest

Back in April, we asked you to submit new designs for the 2010 “(eye) See Skyway” mural at the northwest corner of S 129th St. and Martin Luther King Jr. Way S, which had been ruined by tagging. Entrants to the contest (which was limited to residents of the 98178 zip code) were asked to consider the theme of “diversity,” and to feature the existing eye in their designs.

Those designs are in, and now it’s time to vote!

Below are all of the submissions we received. Please click on the dot next to your preferred design, include your name and email at the bottom, and hit “Vote.”

But don’t delay — voting closes on June 30!

The entry that gets the most votes will be painted by the community in August 2015, under the supervision of professional mural artist Angela Larsen.

1. I Believe In Skyway

I Believe In Skyway

2. We (see) Skyway bountiful, together

We See Skyway Bountiful, Together

That's the title. There would be pictures representing the different cultures, offerings, and life in Skyway. Pictures could include: drums, instruments, ethnic pattern designs, art pieces, native plants, books, family or performing groups, games, tools, food, places, etc. It's pretty much endless! If you vote for this entry, please write your ideas for the images in the space below. This is your mural.

3. Create A Combination Of Kid Art

Create A Combination Of Kid Art

Note: The submitted pencil drawings don't show up well here; they'll look better when painted on the wall.

4. He Hears And Sees All

He Hears And Sees All

5. United We Rise

United We Rise

6. Dream It, Live It

Dream It, Live It

7. Sk-(Eye)-(Way) Heart Diversity

Sk-Eye-Way Diversity

8. We Are One

We Are One

9. Diversity Makes Us Beautiful

Diversity Makes Us Beautiful

10. Monster Town

Monster Town

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