What is Equity?

Equity is the tool that helps leaders, policy makers, and individuals make decisions about how to make sure communities have an opportunity to thrive.

We talk about 2 types of equity.

  1. Infrastructure Equity – Resources that advocate for the public investment to create economic opportunity and health in all communities
  2. Health Equity and Place – Resources that integrate qualitative and quantitative methods into policy initiatives aimed at creating healthier communities.

What is Inequity?

Inequity is the result of fairness and opportunity for some residents but not all. We have to identify the inequity in the community, our laws, and our institution (ex. Schools, Jobs, Government).

Skyway /West Hill is divided into two census tracts.

The maps below reveal some of the health inequities in our community. Take a moment to look them over.

These maps pose certain questions:

  • Some neighborhoods are experiencing a rise in poverty while others are not. Why?
  • Some of our residents are living in clusters of poverty when others are not. Why?
  • Do you think the maps are telling an accurate story of the issues impacting Skyway West Hill’s health?
  • Do you think the inequities in our community contribute to the lack of connectedness in our neighborhoods?

Did you know?

  • In Skyway/West Hill 22% of residents ages 18-24 do not have health insurance.
  • In 2013, the King County Fire Department Station 20 responded to as many as 255 non-emergency medical calls?

The lack of health insurance limits the quality of health care residents can receive. Forcing many to call 911 instead of going to the doctor. In the end, the lack of quality healthcare is a community issue!

How can equity change the inequities in our community?

Once we understand the issues, we can start to identify the solutions. Equity will help us create an Action Plan that will help our entire community access opportunities to obtain:

  • Livable wage jobs
  • Quality Healthcare
  • Affordable/Safe Housing
  • Safe and vibrant Neighborhoods

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