Skyway/West Hill Steering Committee Notes, 10/7/2014

Meeting began at 7:15 pm

Attendance: Ayanna Brown, Bridgette Hempstead, Patrick Lowndes, Preston Horne-Brine, Ronnie Polk, Ruth Frickle, Sandra Chambers, Charlene Willie, Michael Blumson, Bill LeDrew, Lisa Cooper, Brian Davis, Kahdijah Jackson, Ginger Finau, Michael Majeed and Andra Kranzler

Welcome & Introduction

WHCA Board Meeting – October 8, 2014 7pm-9pm @ Fire District

Skyway Solutions will be attending to start a dialogue and address their concerns.


Skyway/West Hill Steering Committee Notes, 9/24/2014

Meeting 1: September 24, 2014, 7:00 – 9:00 PM
King Country Fire District 20: Training Center

Meeting began at 7:05 pm

Attendance: Andra Kranzler, Ginger Finau, Kahdijah Jackson, Ronald Polk, Bill LeDrew, Michael Blumson, Ryan Quigtar, Scott Logal, Preston Horne-Brine, Sandra Chambers, Ruth Frickle, Alicia Cole and Patrick Lowndes

Welcome & Introduction

Topics Discussed:

Reviewing Community Plan Background: Project Phases

Phase I – Research & Goal Setting

Phase II – Draft Concept Plan

Phase III – Community Engagement & Feedback

• Scott and Michael explained basis for proposed goals & policies