Skyway Park Planning

We’ve been consulting with the County and design firms to see what it would take to open up Skyway Park, create new entrances, and make the space more usable. The community has been very vocal: we want a better-utilized park for everyone!

Park planning

Translation Work

We are in process of getting surveys translated into Spanish, Somali, and Vietnamese. (Some of the Spanish versions are already up on the website (see

Here’s a picture of Truong, our friend and Vietnamese translator, who attended the open house on Wednesday night.


EPA Open House pic6

Park Improvements

Check out this upcoming event in neighboring Kubota Gardens. The improvements there are beautiful!

Meanwhile, it’s time for us to plan improvements to our own Skyway Park. Take the survey here:

Kubota Garden

Be Aware: Road Closures in Skyway

Paving work near Renton to close 68th Avenue South, South 133rd Street

Road crews plan full weekday daytime closures on two streets on either side of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South / State Route 900 near Renton the weeks of April 13 and April 20 for construction as part of King County’s pavement maintenance program.

  • April 13-16: Crews plan to completely close a section of 68th Avenue South south of Martin Luther King Jr. Way South / State Route 900 for construction 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays. The work zone extends from Martin Luther King Jr. Way South / State Route 900 south about 1,500 feet to the Renton city limits.
  • April 20-24: Crews plan to completely close a section of South 133rd Street northeast of Martin Luther King Jr. Way for construction 7 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. weekdays. The work zone stretches from MLK Jr. Way northeast about 750 feet.

Drivers are asked to plan ahead for a few minutes of additional travel time around the road closures. The county appreciates travelers’ patience with delays. Please drive safely and slowly in construction zones.


View closures online:

Accepting Entries for Mural!

Hello everyone,

This is just to encourage you and your groups to submit designs / ideas for the new mural.

You don’t have to be an artist – just write out some thoughts and submit them!

We’ve got a professional mural artist on board to help us make it look good.


Click on the link above for an entry form, in case you need it, and you can also pick them up at the Skyway Library and Skyway Grocery Outlet.

The contest is open until the end of April, and we really need the community’s input.

Please let me know how I can help you to get folks going on some design ideas!


Thanks very much, and please pass this along to anyone you think might like to participate.

(Contest is open to all residents of zip code 98178.)




The Thriving Educated Youth and Community Survey Results from 3/26 are in

Hello Skyway West Hill Residents,

The results are in from the March Open House, which was hosted by Urban Family and Led by the Youth in our Community!It is not to late to have your voice be heard, please participate in the virtual open house by clicking the open house tab!

Education and Employment

  1. Increase early education/preschool programs.
  2. Create and develop youth job readiness and employment opportunities (summer jobs, internships, etc.)
  3. Increase access to college and college preparation opportunities.

Public Safety

  1. Provide community based services that are easily accessible to address drug/ alcohol issues and anti-gang involvement.
  2. Establish anti-gang activities that also help youth involved with gangs or at-risk of being in a gang (i.e. youth violence prevention, help with legal services, etc.)
  3. Establish health care programs for youth with chemical dependency, mental health and domestic violence, and other health issues.

Activities for Youth

  1. Create affordable recreational opportunities for youth. (i.e. Sports leagues, camp, etc.).
  2. Establish a community center that provides enrichment activities for youth and their families.
  3. Organize youth-led activities and specific events that bring youth together.



SWAP Steering Committee March 12, 2015 Meeting Minutes

SWAP Steering Committee Notes

Meeting 9: March 12, 2015 7:00pm-9:00pm

Skyway Water and Sewer Building located at 6723 S 124th St, Seattle, WA 98178

Meeting began at 7:00 pm

Goals for March 12th:

  • Debrief the Smart Sustainable Growth Open House
  • Discuss the Outreach and Engagement Plan for March & April
  • Discuss possible opportunities and resources to put the SWAP in Action

Welcome and Introductions:  Bong Sto Domingo, Bill LeDrew, Lisa Cooper, Annie Patu, Jon Ault, Ruth Frickle, Sheley Secrest, Paul Patu, Patty Horne-Brine, Mark Johnston, Jared Burwell, Kahdijah Jackson and Andra Kranzler

Policy Research: Sheley Secrest is continuing to do the policy research. She is still focusing on what’s the affordability and the economic development. As part of the report she will produce a storybook for Skyway with ten stories broken down into three categories: small business owners, longtime residents and displaced residents. If you have any in mind, please submit your names to Andra by Monday, March 16th.

Debrief Smart Sustainable Growth Open House

21 Participants completed the survey. We need to collect 279 more surveys on this topic to reach our goal of 300 participants for each open house.

Top projects from the Smart Sustainable Open House are:

Residential Land Use and Density

  • Building on vacant lots in single-family neighborhoods, developments should have the same size, scale and density as the traditional existing development.   [See Note below and Example Graphic A]. The average single-family neighborhood density of approx. 5 or 6 homes per acre on 6,000 to 7,500 square foot lots.
  • When building on vacant lots in single-family neighborhoods, developments should have a mix of housing types, scales and densities to provide for more housing choices but not exceed an average density of 7-8 homes per acre. [See Note and Example Graphic C]
    • Other housing types include duplex, garage apartments, cottage homes, and other clustered homes where the square footage may be smaller compared to other homes in the neighborhood.
  • Look for ways to keep the average home price in the community affordable to lower and moderate income families.

Commercial, Industrial and Recreational Land Use and Density

  • Pursue businesses to locate in the Skyway Business District that provide health and professional services.
  • Develop a model mixed-use project combining affordable housing with commercial services within the Skyway Business District.
  • Establish/expand P-Patch community gardens and Urban Farm properties for use by foods.


  • Provide pedestrian/bicycle access along streets, parking lots and between and through commercial areas.
  • Pursue improvements to transit (bus services/facilities) in the community to more easily access locations in surrounding cities.
  • Evaluate the drainage basin within the community for retention/detention facility needs, to correct existing and future storm water run-off problems.

Website discussion:

The current Open House online survey should be easy accessible and available to check out previous Open House surveys. Idea: In the middle of the website, make it say “Take this survey”. When filling out the survey, make sure to grab their email address first.We have previously tried to gain admin access to the Build Skyway West Hill page. The website is now talking to the The webpage is currently being redesigned and it was discussed to add a link onto the website that will direct you to the Open House webpage and surveys.

Social Media presence: Skyway Solutions is currently working on getting a Facebook organization page.

Thriving Educated Youth Open House

Urban Family has been meeting for the past month and half with the youth planning the open house and how they are going to do marketing. They will start marketing at Creston Point, Grocery Outlet and around other popular areas in Skyway. The students are working on presentations to be presented at the schools around the SWAP and to have their peers fill out surveys. Urban Family will share the flyer via Facebook for the committee to share.

SWAP SC Members signed-up to help pass flyers at. Annie will send out a schedule of dates on when the kids are marketing.

Goals for making the April Open House a success.

  • Trying to condense open house packet and continue to make online survey better to fill out.
  • After we complete the Thriving Educated Youth Open House, try to do rolling Open houses outside of Grocery Outlet with hotdogs, lemonades and maybe even girl scout cookies.
  • Beachcomber says that they will buy a pig as long as we roast it. We can use the parking lot. (Luau)
  • Hobby Model Shop – Rent a tent with tables. Purchase models for the kids to do and have parents take survey.
  • East Nile, Bowling Alley, Library
  • How can we work with school district to get more parents involved with SWAP?

Upcoming Project Opportunities & Resources

  • We received a Community Opportunity Planning Grant. We did not get Round 2 because we are too new and not too far off the ground yet. White Center CDA did get the grant.
    • Request to provide SC with budget and post on website.
  • United Way also granted funds for the next two year to maintain staffing.
  • We also received the Partnership for Improved Community Health Grant, the exact dollar amount awarded is to be determined. This grant is to improve health and increase activities for residents. This grant could bring matching dollars to complete the Chief Sealth trail on through Skyway for both sides, or improve the entry points to the park from Renton Avenue S.
  • Michelle Savelle is leading the efforts to redo the mural project due to it being tagged. They would like to do a design contest.Funding for this project is coming from Roman’s Casino, Skyway Solutions, and Michelle Savelle. A sign-up sheet went around to assist with the mural project. The design contest will begin on April 1st. The winner will be announced in June. The working groups will be every weekend in August 2015.
  • We will convene a meeting in April to discuss public safety with SWAP SC, residents, MLK Jr. County Prosecutor’s office, sheriff’s department, PUblic Defender’s Association, Community Based Organizations to discuss opportunities to discuss, Project LEAD, Code Enforcement, anti-gang activities.

Outreach & Engagement

Jared Burwell is our new Community Leadership Coordinator (CLC). Jared is a previous board member for Skyway Solutions. He’s been a resident of Skyway for three years and enjoys the fact he gets to work close to home. Jared is very passionate about building community especially where he lives in and giving a voice to those who don’t have it. If you’re in the community and hear of things pertaining to our work, please let us know so we can get involved. Jared can be reached by email at


  • April 7th: Steering Committee Meeting from 7pm-9pm at Skyway Water & Sewer
  • April 9th: Skyway West Hill Bookstore from 10am-3pm at KCFD 20
  • April 22nd: April SWAP Open House at Campbell Elementary from 7-9pm
  • April 29th: King County Open House @ VFW
  • April 29th: Alajawaan’s Hands annual celebration of Alajawaan’s life at 6:01pm
  • May 7th: Steering Committee Meeting from 7pm-9pm at Skyway Water & Sewer
  • June 2nd: Steering Committee Meeting from 7pm-9pm at Skyway Water & Sewer

Meeting Adjourned 9:00 pm

SWAP Steering Committee Meeting Thursday, 3-12-2015 from 7-9pm

Good day Skyway West Hill Community,

You are cordially invited to attend the SWAP Steering Committee Meeting this Thursday at the Skyway Water and Sewer Building. Residents of all ages and abilities are welcome. Youth are encouraged to participate in the meetings.

As always dinner and beverages are provided as a Thank you for your time. Please email if you have dietary restrictions, need interpretation services, or any other questions.

We look forward to planning with you!

Warm regards, Andra