Improvements in Skyway Park

We applied for a grant with King County Parks this summer, requesting help to revitalize the north field area of Skyway Park. Our hope is to create a space that will get year-round use by young people and their families, while promoting public health, safety, athletics, and fitness.

Yesterday, we presented a couple of options to King County for their review (see attached drawings). They will now decide whether or not to fund these ideas (and to what level). After we hear back from them, we will have more opportunity for public comment and ideas before work commences.

Many residents and groups have invested and worked hard to advocate for Skyway Park. Although we (Skyway Solutions) submitted this particular grant, we stand on the foundation of what so many others in this community have done. We are exceptionally grateful for that. The ongoing work for our park and this community will take all of our collective imagination and hard work.

Take a look at these proposed plans, and please let Jared know your thoughts and ideas (jared.burwell at

Lastly, the drawings attached are just that: drawings. (For example, the designer recommended that we move the garden beds to a new location, but that is not a “for sure” thing. Let’s continue to do what we do best as a community: come up with creative, collaborative solutions that make sense for all of us. After all, we live here!)

Skyway-Park-Option1-and-2 for ParkMtg_91515


Volunteer Event Information at Skyway Park

WHAT: Join the project on Saturday to remove invasive plants that are threatening the health of the area around the creek in Skyway Park while learning lots about the great native plants and important wildlife habitat in the park.

WHEN: 9/12/15  9am-11:45am

WHERE: Skyway Park

Click the link to learn more 9.12.15 Skyway Park_Volunteer Event Information

If interested, please contact:
Lina Rose, King County Parks Volunteer Coordinator 206.491.5014

Reminder: Thursday, Sept. 10th

Dear Community Members,

We are having a steering committee meeting on Thursday, September 10th at 6:30pm, and hope you will join us! The meeting will be held at the Skyway Water and Sewer building, 6723 S 124th Street, Seattle, 98178.
While we enjoy some refreshments, we will be hearing from Paul Patu. He has agreed to come and present a workshop on how to effectively advocate for the causes and priorities that we have as residents of Skyway. His expertise will help us choose the topics we’re most passionate about for our community and move them towards action and results.
Please plan to come and bring a neighbor!

Fun at the Park next Saturday

Mark your calendars for Saturday, August 15th from 3-5pm! There’s a fun afternoon planned at Skyway Park to show off chicken coops that were built by local youth. Plus, you’ll also get to see plans for the new park entrances that are being designed for Skyway Park. Don’t miss it!



July 1 SWAP Meeting mintues


Start: 6:35 – Welcome

In attendance: Alan Painter, Jon Ault, Ruth Frickle, Annie Patu, Cyndy Wilson, Andra Kranzler, Willea Cooks, Jared Burwell and Mark Johnston

Debrief the June 20th Celebration. We collected 212 SWAP Petitions, and 64 surveys. Survey participants received the A Voice newsletter and were very expressed excitement about SWAP.

Improving access to Skyway Park. Sign up for walking tour with Alta Planning on July 11th . Discussing Two potential entrances to the park. The goal is to create park district. We submitted a Grant to bring baseball field to league play standards. KC Parks is planning on brining New playground equipment in 2016. Annie: water sprays? Not off table, longer term more expensive project. We Need to keep people excited*solution to municipal/school district grant funding matches?* To follow up

Natalia presented on the proposed new Light Rail link. They Passed funding yesterday but Needs to say in budget (could be cut in next 6 months) and will go to voters in 2016. Skyway West Hlll Community needs to know it’s an option. Door to door campaign, if interested, let Natalia know, signing petition by July 7th

Outreach & Engagement Opportunities in July. Please check website.

King County Budget training with Dwight Dively, Budget Director, KC Budget – Skyway Solutions – 7-1-15.

Future meeting: Invite Department of Human Services to discuss our housing needs/ goals.

Shop Local campaign: bolster business district and help King County General Fund

Things to do now: Start meeting with various departments and Start coming up with specific numbers for the budget.

Work Groups (break out)

Did not happen, limited attendance.

Homework for the next meeting is to King County Budget sources and expenditures link:

Info about where taxes go by neighborhood, area, or individual property:

In Local Scape here are a few tips: How to search by Skyway: In the menu button on the upper right select UAC Districts, then select West Hill Community, should highlight that area. How to search by zip code: In the menu button on the upper right select zip code, then enter zip code. You can also search by other traits like Council District, Legislative District, Neighborhood, or individual address. You will see on the left several tabs for assessment, individual property, sales, census, education, and permits data and its dynamic (meaning it moves as you move around the map).

Announcements & Adjourn   End: 8:35

ArtFarm Project

We’re excited for this summer’s collaborative youth project to get underway! Thanks to a partnership with Ray’s, Urban Family, and CitySoil Farm, teams of youth will get to learn about urban agriculture and farming, then will design, build, and ARTistically paint chicken coops. And of course, they will want to show them off to the community!

So mark your calendars for Saturday, August 15th from 3-5pm! There’s a fun afternoon planned at Skyway Park to show off these chicken coops. Plus, you’ll also get to see plans for the new park entrances that are being designed for Skyway Park. Don’t miss it!




SWAP Plan Filed!

Today, the community-driven SWAP plan was filed in King County for review and adoption (hopefully in spring of 2016). Thank you to everyone who took the time to voice your opinion through taking surveys, volunteering, and signing on to the plan.

We’re still collecting signatures during the review and comment period, so please submit yours here if you haven’t already:

Now comes the next challenge: implementing the plan! Stay tuned!

SWAP submitted1 SWAP submitted2

Update on SWAP Plan

This has been a very busy week! Some have been asking, “Where’s this SWAP plan you are filing with King County, and why haven’t we seen it yet?” The answer is simple: The plan is based on community voice, and we have spent most of this week inputting the surveys we have gotten back. Currently, we are at 1,547 surveys received.

Tomorrow, we celebrate this historic effort, and will have a copy of the SWAP summary for you to take home with you. The full text will be available soon on our website,

The process is right on schedule. We did not want to distribute the plan until those surveys were accounted for and the priorities of this community were documented.

See you tomorrow at the celebration!