SWAP Steering Committee Meeting Minutes from 2/12/2015

Skyway/West Hill Steering Committee Notes

Meeting 8: February 12, 2015 7:00pm-9:00pm

Skyway Water and Sewer Building located at 6723 S 124th St, Seattle, WA 98178

Meeting began at 7:00 pm

Welcome and Introductions

Attendance: Bong Domingo, Bill LeDrew, Lisa Cooper, Annie Patu, Jon Ault, Ruth Frickle, Connie Horstmana, Sheley Searest, Deputy Curtis Andrews, Charlene Miller, Preston Horne-Brine, Patty Horne-Brine, Mark Johnston, Ania Beszterda Alyson, Kahdijah Jackson and Andra Kranzler

Goals for February 12th:

  • Debrief the HCN Open House
  • Discuss the Outreach and Engagement Plan for February
  • Start Planning the Sustainable Smart Growth Open House – Save the date, February 27, 2015 from 6:30-8:30pm at Dimmitt Middle School.

Policy Research

Sheley Searest will be our Policy Research Analyst. We are partnering with Urban League.

Sheley began February 2015. Sheley will She will report out once a month to the SC


What about taxes and hospital district 1?

How much of this research will focus on the budget?

We are always looking into the budget but that is more of Scott and Andra’s role

Accounting of old ban measures? Where are our taxes going – can they come back in the community?

How to make it easier to get permits for vacate land?

Trying to connect with Renton School District staff to become on the steering committee?

Debrief Healthy Connected Neighborhood Open House

  • 15 people attended/ 3-4 virtual open house
  • Packet was very comprehensive- if there was a lot of people it could have been too much
  • Remove the top four pages and only use questions as a one pager
  • Engage students at the schools so the parent will come
  • Continue with raffles

What needs improvement?

  1. Survey is too long – abbreviate it or change format
  2. Have someone talk about it then ask people to fill out or go step by step
  3. Slideshow of main/introductory concepts running continuously
  4. Need entertainment
  5. Let people know food is dinner – not just a snack
  6. Outreach needs have earlier notifications and capitalize relationships with groups/neighbors
  7. Maps need to be a clearer depiction of Skyway – perhaps more like 50% – but also still show comparison areas
  8. Doing dots and survey seemed redundant – suggestion that we only give people the last 2 pages of the survey to fill-out.

What worked?

  1. Angel City Deli Food
  2. Renton School District Email Notice
  3. Rank your project sheets

Public Safety projects reviewed and comments from Deputy Curtis Andrews

Curtis Andrews responded to the project list of Public Safety from Healthy Connected Neighborhood Open House

A. Create an action group dedicated to increasing and coordinating neighborhood community watch programs

If you’re interested in creating one or knowing where yours is located – email him or visit him at the storefront. They’re held once a month and it is helping residential burglary. Past two months they have increased five block watches and since then there has been two burglaries.

B. Create an action group dedicated to establishing programs for at-risk youth and individuals as alternatives to criminal and gang activity

They are looking into bettering the gang unit. They are also using a new program called LEAD a diversion program that is available to help individuals involved in low-level criminal activity.

  1. Increase police presence and patrol cars from the King County Sheriff’s department

He says they are currently working on this task as well. They only have two employees on staff.

D. Increase safety ‘infrastructure’ in key public and commercial areas, including area lighting, police call boxes, and security cameras

E. Create an action group dedicated to working with the King County Sheriff’s department and Prosecuting Attorney’s Office to pursue alternative community policing models

Ideas to increase our Outreach and Engagement efforts:

  1. Pass out many more leaflets
  2. Think of a branding campaign to get word out
  3. Get message out to major entities like schools
  4. Do cider and chocolate distribution with leaflets
  5. Facebook event invite
  6. Everyone do personal posts on own social media
  7. Put out info in churches, whatever way they share
  8. Water bill notice
  9. Have kids perform to attract parents to come
  10. Invite 5 people each to next open house
  11. Coor a block watch rally in partnership with the churches
  12.  Talk people into coming to at least one open house
  13.  King County Channel on Public TV –Channel 21 Seattle City Channel
  14.  Host a SWAP meeting with neighbors, church groups
  15. Increase water bill mailing size and pay more to educate the hill
  16. Bulk mailing to all

Smart Sustainable Growth Open House

  • Review Project List that was passed out
  • We will have 2 planning meetings at Park Hill Apt. Bldg. 8: 12511 69th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98178
    • Wednesday, 2/18/2015 from 3-5pm
    • Wednesday, 2/25/2015 from 3-5pm

Meeting Adjourned 9:05pm