Skyway/West Hill Steering Committee Notes, 12/18/2014

Meeting 6: December 18, 2014 7:00pm-9:00pm
King County Fire District Training Center

Meeting began at 7:00 pm

Attendance: Bill LeDrew, Charlene Miller, Lisa Cooper, Patty Horne-Brine, Preston Horne-Brine, Ronnie Polk, Ruth Frickle, Ryan Quigtar, Victor Jones, Marty Jackson, Ginger Finau, Marilyn Cooks, Andra Kranzler and Kahdijah Jackson


Goals for December 18th Meeting

  1. Build team dynamics
  2. Develop messaging
  3. Complete Equity Group Exercise Pt II

Team Building Exercise

Everyone seemed to enjoy the Marshmallow Challenge!

Save the date for the SWAP Open Houses

  • Bryn Mawr Elementary – January 28th 6:30pm-8:30pm (Concept: Healthy Connected Neighborhoods)
  • Dimmitt Middle – February 27th 7pm-9pm (Concept: Sustainable Smart Growth and Healthy Connected Neighborhood)
  • SLC – March 26th 7pm-9pm (Concepts: Thriving Educated Youth and Community o Youth Led forum)
  • Campbell Hill Elementary – April 28th 5:30pm-7:30pm (Concepts: Economic Prosperity and Affordability, Healthy Connected Neighborhood, Thriving Educated Youth and Community)
  • SLC – May 18th 6:30pm-8:30pm (Concepts: Culture Art and Innovation)
  • SLC – June 16th 6pm-8pm (Release the first draft of the SWAP before it is submitted to King County Council)

We need steering committee members to volunteer to support the open houses. The following tasks will need to be performed by each Steering Committee member. If steering committee members break up into teams and each team becomes responsible for performing the following tasks by month, we can equally distribute our resources.

If you know anyone who would like to host an open house discussion please email Ginger Finau. We would like to have as many as 20 guests up to 100 guests. Most likely it will be business owners hosting the open houses. The Steering Committee Open House teams will do the following:

  • They will support the small open house and large open house for the month
  • Volunteer with our community engagement team to door knock, and/or get postcards filled out by residents. We have a goal to elicit feedback from 300 residents by either filling out a postcard and/or attending an open house each month.
  • Open House teams and Hosts will be the facilitators and note takers for the open house;
  • They will do the walk through of the open house before it goes live; and
  • Arrive 1 hour early to assist with set-up and stay 1 hour late to help break down


Technology failed so we will send out an email and ask for suggestions.

Update on Outreach & Engagement

External Communications:

Please provide feedback on external communication efforts.

Current Social Media Accts:

  • Twitter – SW_Action_Plan (Douglas Russell)
  • Facebook – Build Skyway West Hill (De’Chanelle Kalulu-Finau)
  • LinkedIn – BuildSkywayWestHill (Ryan Quigtar)
  • Website Blog – (Skyway Solutions staff)

Stakeholder Conversations

  • Alajawan’s Hands – Ayanna Brown
  • Cierra Sisters – Bridgette Hempstead
  • Tru Vine Church/L.O.V.E. To Trinity – Pastor Lawrence Willis
  • South City Emerald – Marcus Green

Community Events:

  • Tuesday, December 16
    9:00 am WHBA Monthly Meeting
    5:30 pm VFW Movie Night with $4 Baked Potato
  • Saturday, December 20
    All Day RAYS Holiday Festival
    2:00 pm VFW Kids Christmas Party Potluck
    5:00 pm VFW Family Christmas Party Potluck

As always, please let Ginger know if you have knowledge of any events that are taking place, so we may attended them and make them familiar with SWAP. Ginger can be reached by email at:


Skyway solutions has hired Brianna Thomas to assist in building a field plan, messaging, and canvassing.

Community Partnerships:

Skyway Solutions has selected Urban Family Center to lead a youth-led organizing opportunity.


Skyway Solutions has hired Victor Jones as our Graphic and Design Consultant. Victor will be managing the website from this point on.

Recap Group Exercise Part I Group Exercise Part II

Equity Discussion 2

Culture, Art and Innovation


  • Our innovative, cultural artistic history is not present in Skyway West Hill
  • We have not utilized innovative policies, processes or services to support the cultural diversity of this community which limits the opportunity for residents to thrive
  • We lack cultural awareness of health care needs for resettled populations
  • We don’t have equitable and innovative housing ideas for low income and resettled communities.


  • Multicultural center/community center
  • International festivals/parades
  • Celebrate cultural holidays
  • Carnival promoting culture
  • Live music in the community
  • Culturally responsive health care systems
  • Clinic w/bilingual staff (ex: Fremont festivals)
  • Honor legacy of Skyway- through murals, statues, mosaics
  • History walk of Skyway Community
  • Cultural garden – tourist attraction

Healthy Connected Neighborhoods


  • Jobs per acre is less than 1
    • Dense job pockets in surrounding over but no infrastructure to connect residents to existing jobs
  • Change in population average is negative for Bryn Mawr
  • Life expectancy is low at birth for Skyway and this correlates with lack of insurance
  • Fire district calls higher than surrounding areas
  • No street lights and if you want them you have to pay for service and 1 or more neighbor has to pay monthly.
  • Infrastructure generally-sidewalk and crosswalk connections
  • Homeowner property taxes not going to improve our community


  • Health clinic- SLC/build on land West of SLC
  • Preschools- increase accelerated start/transition to school. Increase birth to college pipeline
  • Training and Vocational Tech. job training at SLC
  • Jobs with Renton School District- market their jobs on West Hill Jobfest!!
  • Boeing- campaign for them to take social responsibility
  • Skyway Library-RAYS-Boys & Girls Club- Churches- School District → all work together!!!
  • (Collaborate/Networking event)
  • Sports- organizes new sponsors perhaps Boeing, local businesses: Grocery Outlet, 1st Pass
  • Driving School, Skyway Bowl, Romans Casino, Ezells
  • Community events- Jazzfest, back to school, community garden, picnics at the park

Thriving Educated Youth & Community


  • There is correlation between low high school graduation rates & those not going to college
  • High poverty levels negatively impact educational opportunity in certain areas of Skyway
  • Glaring health disparities in the same high/low poverty areas


  • Tutoring center of all subjects ran by graduated college students
  • Committed parents, teachers, mentors, life coaches, etc.
  • More detailed focus on each student’s challenges
  • Develop better strategies to teach different backgrounds
  • Include more music and art programs
  • Include more sports and recreational activities
  • Add more preschools
  • Make an activist motion of removing alcohol/drugs
    • Too many businesses selling alcohol/drugs
    • Kids are not worried about education; they’re more focused on popularity, drinking, substance abuse, etc.
  • Community jobs/community service to earn school credits
  • Summer jobs for youth
  • Health center to Skyway like Neighborhood Health Clinic
  • Increase focus on disability equity: transportation, etc.

Sustainable Smart Growth


  • Poverty is increasing by more than one per acre similar to white center/Kent/Tukwila we need plan for more jobs, [access to] higher education and better schools.
  • Pockets of poverty and pockets of affluence need to connect jobs and transportation
  • Lacks public transportation
  • Infrastructure lacks connected areas
  • Jobs are not available
  • Absentee landowners- creates blights/impacts all residents
  • No code enforcement by County
  • Key job generators & job training center (i.e.) Boeing → This is a wasteland for jobs
  • Need an inventory of assets/who is interested in investing
  • Need space for community – (SLC)
  • Look at zone issues that limit developers
  • Permitting issues
  • Houses on commercial zoned land


  • Build positive identity, diversity and character
  • Image- picture of community/promote to job providers
  • A business plan to pitch the community to preferred projects/businesses with real tools that can help secure such projects

Economic Prosperity & Affordability


  • Living wage jobs
  • Lack of economic opportunity
  • Not thriving commercial district
  • Not enough community ownership in commercial districts
  • Land-use policy is not 21st century
  • Banks are not identifying 1st time homebuyers
  • Banks need to invest in our community
  • Revitalize


Step 1

  • Cleaning up the streets
  • Create jobs here, hiring locals, access to these jobs
  • Have job skills training here
  • Encourage residential ownership, 1st time homeowners
  • Community owned businesses, community funding
  • Health clinic would attract new residents, provide jobs

Step 2

  • Building public and private partnerships
  • Offer job seeking classes/resume writing
  • Health insurance finder- “Valley does it/Do it here!”

Meeting adjourned 9:00pm